User Guide for LiveSpy for the PhotoBridge


Basic Installation

To install LiveSpy, place all of the files from the ZIP archive in one directory. It is preferable for the intallation directory to be writeable, either a writeable SMB share or a writeable flash card. LiveSpy stores its image list and temporary images in its directory.

Next, find the share on the PhotoBridge that contains that application. In the Application list on-screen, you should see the LiveSpy icon:

LiveSpy Icon

Click on the icon and LiveSpy will begin showing you webcams from around the world.

Screen Saver Installation

To install, copy all of the LiveSpy files into a folder called "ScreenSavers" in the root of a share shown on the left. In the 2.0.10 firmware and above, a CompactFlash share works but not an SMB share.

Next, go to the Setup/Screen Saver screen and pick LiveSpy from the list. Set the screen saver delay to something low (15 seconds) to try it out.

Adding Cameras to the List

You can change the image list by editing the image.dat file in the LiveSpy directory.

The file starts with one line containing "1.000000" (the version of this file format).

Following the first line, every four lines describe a new camera. The four lines are, in order:

If you do edit the image.dat file, please make a backup before you begin -- that way you can always get it back if you make a change to it that LiveSpy cannot handle. (The version in the downloaded ZIP file serves well for this purpose too.)

Also, if you purchase the registered version, you get automatic camera list updates. As new cameras appear, I add them to the list and I remove cameras that have gone offline and/or stopped updating. The registered version automatically gets the updates for you -- no hand-editing needed!

Last modified on 9 Nov 2005 by AO

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