RumorMonger Instructions

The RumorMonger Display

The RumorMonger window has three parts--the 'message' area, the 'status' area, and the 'add rumor' area. The 'message' area is where the rumors are listed and the selected one is displayed. The 'status' area shows how many rumors have been exchanged and the status of communication with other RumorMongers. The 'add rumor' area is where you can create new rumors.

Creating a New Rumor

To add a rumor, select 'Create Rumor' from the 'Actions' menu. In the dialog that appears, the user can enter the text of the rumor, as well as an expiration date. Enter your rumor, and choose an expiration date.

Click on 'Send Message'. The rumor creation dialog should disappear. The main window should appear with your newly entered rumor in the unread list box on the left.

Reading Rumors

First click on a rumor in the list box on the right. The full text of the rumor will be shown in the lower part of the window.

The left-hand list box holds unread rumors. When you click on the rumor name in that list box, it will move to the right-hand list box (since it now has been read). Its text should now be shown in the lower part of the window.

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