SiteGenesis Preferences

SIteGenesis preferences go in a file named SiteGenesis.ini. You can choose to have just one in the root of your site, or additional ones in subfolders throughout your site.

The available parameters are as shown below, taken from the SiteGenesis.ini in the sample-site folder from the SiteGenesis installation directory.

# SiteGenesis Site Preferences
# The preferences in this file are used for this folder and all subfolders.
# Preferences in subfolders override those in this file.
# Blank lines and lines beginning with '#' are ignored.

# TagCaps lets you set the uppercase/lowercase setting of HTML elements (tags)
#TagCaps [Obfuscate|Upper|Lower|Unchanged]
TagCaps Obfuscate

# Verbosity controls how many log messages are displayed.
# Verbosity [Low|Medium|High]
Verbosity Medium

# CopyrightHolder is the HTML to be inserted where the name of the copyright holder is shown.
# Use <!-- SG_Copyright --> to add a copyright notice in your HTML files.
CopyrightHolder <A HREF="/index.html">Your Name Here</a>

# Maintainer is the HTML to be inserted where the site master is shown.
# Use <!-- SG_Last_Modified --> to include last-modified text with the maintainer HTML.
Maintainer <A HREF="/index.html">Webmaster Name or Link Here</a>

# AdLocation controls whether advertisements are displayed, and if so, where on your page
# AdLocation [Disabled|Right]
AdLocation Right

# GooglePublisherId is your Google publisher ID to embed in your ads
GooglePublisherId pub-7243394969654618

# SiteIndex controls the indexing of this folder and descendants
# SiteIndex [Off|On]
SiteIndex On

# SiteIndexStyle is the style for the site-wide index
# SiteIndexStype [Static]
SiteIndexStyle Static

# SiteIndexBase is the base name to use for the site-wide index
# The static index has ".html" appended, so this becomes search.html
SiteIndexBase search

# Header is HTML inserted immediately after <body>
# Use <!-- SG_Breadcrumbs --> as shown to include breadcrumbs in the header
Header <table border=""1 width="100%"><tr><td><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tr><td><!-- SG_Breadcrumbs --></td><td align="right"><a href="/index.html" ><strong>Site Home</strong></a></td></tr></table></td></tr></table>

# Create your own tags using '<!-- SG_YourTagNameHere -->' in your HTML
# You can substitute other values in the macro by placing them in % signs, as shown
SG_YourTagNameHere <h3>This HTML will appear in your files in place of the SG_YourTagNameHere comment</h3><h3>Maintained by %Maintainer%</h3>

# A useful technique is to make a collection of links used by many files in the folder or several places in a file.  
# Here we'll create links to show at the top and bottom of the home page
SG_RelatedPages <center><a href="index.html">[Home]</a>|<a href="folderA/index.html">[Folder A Home]</a>|<a href="folderB/index.html">[Folder B Home]</a></center>

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