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Configuring GNU/Linux on the HP 17z-ca300 with AMD Ryzen 4700U: Update

(This is an update to my original review.)

After the 22.04 Ubuntu update, GNU/Linux works great on the HP 17z-ca300 with AMD Ryzen 4700U. Performance is great, and all features work with no workarounds. Wi-Fi is working now, an improvement over support in the 20.04 version Ubuntu. If you haven't upgraded to 22.04, I highly recommend it. The optional backlit keyboard is still great, with two levels of brightness.

What Works: Everything!



You may need to disable 'PalmCheck' when playing games. Use xinput to list devices, find the touchpad, list-props to list its properties, and set-prop to turn off palm check (Disable While Typing Enabled).
Last modified on 4 Sep 2022 by AO

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