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RemoteSim: A Console Remote Control Simulator

Compatible with the Roku PhotoBridge HD

[ Download RemoteSim 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.16-2.0.28 Firmware] [ Download RemoteSim 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.7-.15 Firmware]

Version 0.2 released for the 2.0.16 Firmware! Download it here...


RemoteSim is a command-line tool for the PhotoBridge that lets you type in commands that simulate button presses on the remote. You're logged in already, why not save your remote control batteries? And now you never have to take your hands off the keyboard!


RemoteSim is only usable from the command-line interface.

To install, extract into a location of your choosing that is visible from the PhotoBridge.

Telnet in to the PhotoBridge: "telnet [your-roku-ip-here]" Log in with the username "root", no password required. Change directory using "cd" to /tmp/Volumes/[volume-name-here]/[directory-with-RemoteSim-here]. You can hit the tab key at any time to expand a partially-completed path, twice to show all possible expansions if there is ambiguity,

Once in the directory where RemoteSim is located, run it using ./RemoteSim.roku. If it says "permission denied" or otherwise refuses to launch, it may not be executable, which can be changed with the command chmod u+x RemoteSim.roku.

You know everything is good when you see the welcome message:

RemoteSim 0.2 by Andy Oliver --
i, j, k, l, and space for basic navigation and select, capital Q exits

Basic Usage

Use i, j, k, l, and the space bar to navigate around and select things. e is for exit, z and x zoom in and out, f and b are for fast-forward and rewind (forward and back). The full list of key combinations is in usage.txt.

You can also try out keys that are only available on programmable remote controls, such as stop ('s') and user-defined keys (u1-u8).

[ Download RemoteSim 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.16-2.0.28 Firmware] [ Download RemoteSim 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.7-.15 Firmware] [More PhotoBridge Software And Info]

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