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TeaVM vs. GWT

TeaVM is a Java-to-JavaScript transpiler, which includes a SPA framework called Flavour.

GWT is a Java source code to JavaScript transpiler.


TeaVM can transform a website with linked Java code into HTML and JavaScript, deployable as a WAR file. It has plugins for IDEA and NetBeans. TeaVM includes a single-page app framework called Flavour. Flavour has numerous features to make app development easier:

TeaVM works on Java bytecode, so it supports any JVM language.

TeaVM is speedy, with build times measured in seconds.


Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a transpiler for Java Code, and a framework for web app development.

GWT works on source code, so it only supports Java 8.

GWT is slow, with build times measured in minutes.

Comparison Chart

Feature TeaVM GWT
3s Startup
Multiple IDE Support
Fast Builds
Designer-Friendly HTML/CSS
Code in the #1 Language
Work With Any JVM Language
Debug in the Browser
Built-In Localization
Become a Full Stack Developer

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