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Avoid Copyrighted Music When Making Roblox YouTube Videos

When making YouTube videos, a problem that can prevent your video from being monetized (or even posted at all) is copyrighted music. While most people don't intentionally include copyrighted music in their videos, there is at least one easy way for it to happen — music in Roblox games. Read on for ways to avoid this issue and specific Roblox games that can cause this.

The Problem

Many Roblox games include music to enhance the experience. However, given the indie or homebrew nature of many such games, the music is often used without a license, and is often not legal to perform or play. As a YouTuber, this impacts you when you record gameplay with music on. When you upload your video, YouTube checks for thousands of copyrighted songs. If there is a match, your video is flagged. It will not generate ad income for you, and you may have to take extra steps to publish it. It is possible that in the future YouTube could use information on the number of copyright violations to take further steps against your channel, so it is best to avoid this situation altogether.

Solution #1: Turn Off Music

A quick and easy way to avoid this problem is to turn off music in the game. There are two possibilities:

First, some games let you turn off just the music, so you can still hear other sounds. This is your preferred option, but varies from game to game.

Second, Roblox has a volume setting, which you can turn all the way down. Then you won't hear any sounds, including useful non-music ones. This will work in any game, but may make some games less fun or even unplayable if they depend on audio effects.

Solution #2: Watch Out for Problem Games

Some games have more copyrighted music than others. Here are a few games to watch out for. They have lots of copyrighted music and can cause problems for your YouTube videos.
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