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Code One 2019 Summary

Java^H^H^H^HCode One is an annual conference held at San Francisco's Moscone Center. This year, the conference focused on several themes:

Steady, Incremental Improvements to Java

On the new 6-month release cycle, Java continues to get a steady stream of new features. Java 13, unveiled a the show, adds Text Blocks, a useful feature for including longer, multi-line strings without a whole bunch of escaping. Several sessions went over the other features added over the past several years, including modules and executing java files directly, like a script.

Java for Machine Learning

There were many sessions about machine learning with Java. One of the most interesting developments was the return of Dr. Zoran Severac with his new company and library called Deep Netts. Taking the ease-of-use from his Neuroph library to the next level, Dr. Severac demonstrated the new APIs that are being standardized as part of the JCP. Neuroph was amazing, I can't wait to see what we can do with Deep Netts.

Java on the Desktop

Java on the desktop is still going strong. Numerous presentations talked about technologies such as JavaFX, and TeaVM was discussed in many sessions, including the unconferences.
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