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JavaOne 2010 Summary

Project Coin

Performance: Java versus C

Swing Tips and Tricks

Java 2D

User Experience

JPA Best Practices

Project Jigsaw


LambdaJ is a library for concisely expressing operations on collections. For example, creating a list of top speeds from a collection of cars, which would take 4-5 lines using a for loop, takes one with LambdaJ:

List speeds = extract(cars, on(Car.class).getSpeed());

Good stats were presented (min/max/avg) comparing LambdaJ against iterative code. The framework added 200% overhead, a reasonable price for concise code operating on small to medium datasets.

Java Technical Keynote

Oracle Develop Keynote

REST Security

ADF on Mobile

Java Keynote

Oracle Linux has the Nimbus theme now.

JavaFX 2.0

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