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High Quality Swing Icons

Swing makes it easy to create a rich user interface. One of the vital elements of a Swing UI is a toolbar. Coming up with icons can be a difficult task, especially if you don't have an artist handy. Since the icons are usually the primary indication to the user of the button's effect, clarity and consistency are key.

Fortunately, Sun has provided a free collection of icons that match the Java Look and Feel. Called the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository, the site gives you a visual display of the available icons, plus a link to download all of the images together.

I strongly recommend using these images in your Swing applications. Not only do you get high-quality icons for free, but you will help ensure that applications following the Java Look and Feel appear consistent. Such consistency enables users to move between Java applications without having to relearn common operations.

More Icon Sets

If the icons in the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository aren't enough, try these other icon sets:

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