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TeaVM Performance Even Better In Latest Builds

Recent performance comparisons show that TeaVM is already one of the top-performing toolkits for making web apps in Java. Given that TeaVM has other features that the competition can't match (like full thread support), TeaVM will be the toolkit of choice for many.

However, TeaVM has another trick up its sleeve. The review was done with version 0.5.1 of TeaVM, which is over a year old. I wanted to know how the latest dev builds would perform, knowing that the TeaVM author has been making significant improvements to TeaVM since 0.5.1.

The Setup

I copied the original TeaVM project from the comparison. Then I upgraded the TeaVM dependency to the latest available dev version (0.6.0-dev-723). After a quick mvn clean install, I had a new build to compare.

The Lighthouse Results

TeaVM 0.5.1 TeaVM 0.6.0-dev-723 (ADVANCED) % Improvement TeaVM 0.6.0-dev-723 (FULL) % Improvement
JS, in bytes 57305 25270 56% 26384 54%
FCP, in s 1.2 1.0 17% 1.0 17%


TeaVM's performance is even better now than it was before. With a 20% performance improvement and a 56% reduction in JavaScript size it is effectively tied for #1.
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