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Lesson 1 -- if, else


If the program says
if (name.equals("kangaroo")) {
  System.out.println("You live in Australia!"); 
then if the name is "kangaroo", the Australia message will be displayed.


If the program says
if (name.startsWith("q")) {
  System.out.println("Your name starts with q -- how unusual!"); 
} else {
  System.out.println("Your name starts with a non-q letter"); 
people with names starting with 'q' get a special message, everyone else is told they have a non-q letter.


  1. Have the program print out a special welcome message like 'Good luck' for people with your name, but the normal welcome message for everyone else.
  2. Have the program give you the same number every time so you have an easy time guessing.

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