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Awaiting the XO Laptop from OLPC

Dateline: 13 Dec 2007

I made my donation to the One Laptop Per Child non-profit late on the first day of the original two-week period. The donation is for one XO laptop (the "$100 Laptop") to be sent to a needy child in a developing nation of OLPC's choosing. Over the past several days people have been reporting that theirs have been arriving. I can't wait!

Some of the features I'm most interested in trying out:

  1. The screen that can be read in daylight. Will it run JBook? Seems like a perfect match.
  2. The educational programs for younger kids
  3. The Logo implementation
  4. Wireless access at T-Mobile Hotspots, though that is proving hard to activate, reportedly, since T-Mobile customer service is unaware of the program.

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