TalkSmall is an multiplatform Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. It can be run on any platform that has support for the Java Virtual Machine. It was created by Andrew Oliver.

Downloading TalkSmall

To run TalkSmall, you first need to download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Next, download TalkSmall from this site.

Running TalkSmall

Once the JRE has been uncompressed and installed, and TalkSmall has been uncompressed, run TalkSmall using the 'jre' application in the JRE. On many systems, you would type:
jre -cp <ts-path> TalkSmall [<nickname> [<server>]]
For example, if you installed TalkSmall in the /ts directory, and were using the nickname 'JohnnieReb' on the server '', you would type:
jre -cp /rm TalkSmall JohnnieReb
Users of the Java Development Kit (JDK) can alternately choose to use the java application. The command line in this case would be:
java TalkSmall JohnnieReb

Using TalkSmall

Full instructions on using TalkSmall will follow soon.

Please give me feedback

If you have tried TalkSmall, please send your comments and suggestions to support at frequal dot com. I would really like to hear from you!
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