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Compatible with the Roku PhotoBridge HD

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LiveSpy is available for the PhotoBridge 2.0 Beta Firmware

Version 1.1 is also available for the 1.5.18 firmware: Download it here

LiveSpy is an internet camera application compatible with the Roku PhotoBridge HD written by Andrew Oliver.

While LiveSpy is running, your screen is regularly updated with images from an internet camera of your choosing. You can watch the sun rise on the other side of the world at the end of the day, or see what is happening at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Watch what transpires at a single location, or have LiveSpy automatically rotate between all of the cameras in its list.


  • Screen Saver Mode
  • Extensive built-in list of cameras
  • Multiple cameras can be tiled on the desktop
  • Downloaded camera images can be saved for later browsing
  • Automatic cycling between available cameras
  • User controlled update frequency
  • Automatic updates to the camera list as new cameras are created and old ones disappear. Registered version only. Buy it now

LiveSpy on Other Platforms

LiveSpy for Windows
Watch the Iditarod starting in Anchorage Alaska:
LiveSpy Showing the Iditarod Start

Shareware Version:
Shareware LiveSpy Norway Screen Shot

Registered Version:
Registered LiveSpy Santa Monica Screen Shot

Four Cameras at a Time:
Registered LiveSpy Four-Camera Screen Shot

[ Download LiveSpy 1.1 for the Roku HD] [Buy LiveSpy  Registered Version Online]
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