Bad Reboot Assumptions

One of my per peeves is software that assumes it will come back up after a reboot.

I'm not referring to bugs or errors like that. I'm referring to dual-boot systems where the default operating system may not be the one being rebooted. If I'm using the non-default OS, and something decides to reboot, then when the system comes back up it will be running a different OS.

Windows Update is a particularly egregious example of this. On many systems I work with Linux is the default and windows is merely a second-rate citizen, off in the second or third boot slots in GRUB. However, windows pompously assumes it is the only OS and sometimes reboots assuming it will come back up. Instead the system comes up in Linux and whatever update caused the reboot is left half-finished. Granted, the new state of affairs is probably an improvement, but still this is one more example of how Redmond doesn't really consider anyone but themselves, to their customers' detriment.

Last modified on 4 Jan 2007 by AO

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