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Andy Recommends

Andy Recommends is a new feature on the products, services, and companies with which I have had unusually good experiences.

Brief Rants

Spectrum Internet Is Unreliable And Unhelpful [July 2020]

HD DVD is Dead [January 2008]

Bad Reboot Assumptions [January 2007]

Bad Intra-Page Link Handling in Browsers [January 2003]

Screeching Antilock Brakes [September 1999]

HDTV demos on TV [April 1997]

U.S. Military Goes Commercial [April 1997]

Don't Visit My Site -- Please! [December 1997]

Long Reviews

Trying Every Flavor from the Gourmet Soup Kitchen [October 2020-Present]


Welcome to Deadland [July 2024]

Loneliness & Company [June 2024]

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow [June 2024]

On the Isle of Antioch [June 2024]

Landscapes [May 2024]

Blood Meridian [March 2024]

The Circle [February 2023]

Wayward Pines Trilogy [October 2023]

The Hobbit [October 2023]

Queen Wallis [October 2023]

Set My Heart To Five [September 2023]

Out of the Dawn [September 2023]

With a Mind to Kill [September 2023]

Forever and a Day [August 2023]

Trigger Mortis [August 2023]

Poster Girl [August 2023]

The Ferryman [July 2023]

Camp Zero [July 2023]

The Memory of Animals [July 2023]

Denial [June 2023]

Cold People [April 2023]

The Survivalists [March 2023]

Into The Mist [March 2023]

Three Miles Down [March 2023]

Firefly: Magnificent Nine [March 2023]

Firefly: Big Damn Hero [February 2023]

Firefly Generations [February 2023]

The Apocalypse Seven [February 2023]

The End Of Men [January 2023]

Ecotopia [December 2022]

Tell Me An Ending [November 2022]

This Little Light [October 2022]

The Hush [October 2022]

Widowland [September 2022]

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes [September 2022]

The Temps [August 2022]

Fear Thy Neighbor [August 2022]

Aurora [August 2022]

The End of the World Running Club [July 2022]

Into the Forest [June 2022]

How I Live Now [May 2022]

Point B [May 2022]

They Will Drown In Their Mothers Tears [May 2022]

The Dog Stars [April 2022]

Legend [April 2022]

That Time Of Year [April 2022]

The Road [April 2022]

The High House [April 2022]

Out There [April 2022]

Clean Air [April 2022]

Curfew [April 2022]

Arrival [April 2022]

The Giver [April 2022]

The Passage [January 2022]

The City Of Ember Trilogy [December 2021]

Parable of the Sower [December 2021]

The Children of Men [December 2021]

Never Let Me Go [December 2021]

A Beginning At The End [December 2021]

Day Zero [November 2021]

We [November 2021]

The Last Day [November 2021]


Electrify America Charger Unavailability [May 2024]

Initial Experience at Electrify America [May 2024]

Honda Clarity BEV: No Maintenance For Two Years [May 2024]

When To Shop At Trader Joe's [Feb 2024]

Top Trader Joe's Items of 2024 [Feb 2024]

Top Trader Joe's Items of 2023 [Jan 2024]

Switching Ad Providers [Jan 2024]

Emacs Tip #6 — Emacs Org Mode for Documentation [Dec 2023]

Resizable Text Is The Web's Secret Weapon

Draw.io for Layered Drawings [Apr 2023]

Cmus: A Great Terminal Music Player [Feb 2023]

Best Answers On 'America Says' [July 2021]

Setting The Clock On A 2020 Or 2021 Mazda [June 2021]

Best TV of 2020 [December 2020]

Honda Clarity BEV: No Maintenance For Two Years [November 2020]

Filming Location for Tython in the Mandalorian S2E6 [December 2020]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Magic Of The Unicorn Map [January 2021]

Electric Car Benefits [December 2020]

Java: Winning Many Battles, How To Win The War [October 2020]

Gypsy -- The Best Show of 2017 [Dec 2017]

Runners-Up For Best TV Show of 2017 [Dec 2017]

San Junipero -- The Best TV Episode of 2016 [Dec 2016]

Microsoft Pays $2.5 Billion for a Java App [Sep 2014]

TV In Ten Seconds [May 2015]

Xubuntu 14.04 with RAID [Aug 2014]

Dissolving Pool Cyanuric Acid Using A Sock [Aug 2014]

Fixing a 1 FUS Error on a Richdel 446PR Irrigation Controller [Aug 2014]

Believe is a Clone of Touch [April 2014]

ScreenLogic 2 Vs. Autelis Pool Automation [November 2013]

Droid 1 Versus Droid 3 [June 2013]

Bullseye BBQ Sauce Switches To High Fructose Corn Syrup [June 2013]

Subway "Free Cookie" Survey Codes [April 2011]

The Long, Torturous Purolator Route [April 2011]

New Compostable SunChips Bags: Unbearably Loud [September 2010]

Picking Oranges at Orcutt Ranch [July 2010]

Network News Viewership Drop, Explained [June 2010]

Insignia NS-BRDVD3 is Useful and A Good Value [February 2010]

Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2013 [August 2013]

Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2010 [July 2010]

Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2009 [January 2010]

Fixing Hostname Resolution for Non-Root Users [September 2009]

PhotoBridge Versus Popcorn Hour [December 2009]

Trader Joe's Uniquely Good Items [June 2009]

The Great Laptop Screen Size Scam [June 2009]

Panda Express Survey Validation Codes and Completion Rate [February 2009]

Make an Animated GIF Screen Recording [July 2008]

TRENDnet TV-IP312W Review: Excellent Night-Vision Camera [May 2008]

Ethernet Cable Price Stable [April 2008]

Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2008 [February 2008]

Emacs Tip #5 -- Resolving Merge Conflicts [April 2010]

Emacs Tip #4 -- Easy Region (Selection) Highlighting [April 2009]

Emacs Tip #3 -- Flyspell Auto Correct Word [May 2008]

Emacs Tip #2 -- htmlize [January 2008]

Emacs Tip #1 -- make-frame-on-display [January 2008]

Prevent Remote Firefox Reuse [November 2007]

Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2007 [October 2007]

Artistic Style Code Reformatter Works Well [September 2007]

Extended Laptop Battery Makes All of the Difference [August 2007]

Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Better [August 2007]

RAM Failure: Symptoms and Diagnosis [July 2007]

Forum Pseudo Markup Considered Harmful [July 2007]

Marble Slab vs. Cold Stone: Who Was First? [July 2007]

Hotmail Drops James E-Mail [May 2007]

GUI Pitfall: Changing the Application Icon [July 2006]

DRM Worsens Battery Life [April 2006]

Mono Validates Swing Architecture [May 2005]

Digital Signature Risks [December 2004]

Programmers Prefer Open-Source Portability [October 2003]

Reasons to prefer Java over C++ [June 2003]

The Library Makes the Platform [Jul 2002]

Choose Your Root [October 1999]

HTML Frames -- Bane or Blessing? [August 1999]

Code Name: Papyrus [November 1997]

MacOS meets UNIX [October 1997]

Pacific Bell 'Service' [December 1996]

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