Choose Your Root DNS Server

An alphabet soup of groups, agencies, and greedy monopolists are fighting over control of the root nameservers. NSI, ICANN, CORE, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and others are debating who should control the contents of the root DNS servers. NSI has held a government-granted monopoly, which they have used to financial gain through an IPO. Various other groups are trying to force NSI to open up their registry to use by other parties, which NSI is resisting as strongly as it can without upsetting the U.S. government.

What they overlook is the fact that users are free to choose their own DNS servers. By changing their DNS server IP address to point to an alternate nameserver, end users can pick who they want to control the internet namespace. Do they want a privacy-violating, security-ignorant monopoly like NSI? I think many will choose otherwise.

Alternate nameservers include:

Don't let wealthy monopolists or politicians choose who manages domain names -- take a stand and choose for yourself! If you are running Linux, you can choose your DNS server by following instructions on each of the above sites. Windows users can change their DNS server to AlterNIC by following the instructions at AlterNIC.

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