The Last Day: Review

This novel is based in a near-future Earth which has stopped spinning about its axis. While some parts of the planet became inhospitable (permanently sunlit and permanently dark), a narrow 'Goldilocks' band remains livable. Luckily for the protagonist, this includes her home country of Britain. The novel weaves in numerous details of this fascinating alternate reality, from the mundane of dealing with a never-setting sun low on the horizon, to the political and humanitarian upheavals that resulted.

However, this book isn't a dry treatise of this fictional world. The well-planned setting is the ever-present backdrop to a tense, thrilling dash to find out the hidden secrets hinted at by her former mentor in his deathbed whispers. All the while staying one step ahead of the dictatorial government's minders whose motives are unclear and whose tactics are brutal.


  • Recommend? Yes
  • Buy as a gift? Yes

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