That Time of Year: Review

That Time of Year is a short novel, but it packs a surprising punch and a very different perspective. A French urbanite overstays his summer vacation in a rural town. Overnight the weather changes dramatically and his wife and son disappear! While you might expect a mystery to ensue with the help of the local police, instead it becomes a slow-motion horror story. The protagonist faces malaise and disinterest from most everyone in town. As he stays longer in the town, he finds his energy ebbing away as he tries to find anyone interested in helping him.

This story is multi-layered. On the surface it is about a man's battle to find his family. On another it is a tale about the difference between city and rural residents and their opinions about each other. But throughout you also wonder about the protagonist's sanity. Is his family really lost or did they leave him and he's having a break with reality?


  • Recommend? Yes
  • Buy as a gift? Yes

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