Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Better

Most of us are familiar with the large cylindrical hot water heaters in homes today. They are big, inefficient, and prone to leaking every ten years or less. Now there is a better way to heat water, tankless heaters. While slightly more expensive, the savings in energy costs and the space reclaimed more than make up for it. Furthermore, the hot water supply is endless from a tankless heater, whereas with legacy water heaters, when the tank is drained, the water gets cool rapidly.


Legacy water heaters have to use electricity or gas all of the time to keep the water in the tank hot, even when nobody is home or awake. Tankless heaters only use energy when the water is being used, so there is no waste.


Legacy water heaters are often 3 feet by 3 feet by 5 feet: 45 cubic feet. Often they take up 10 square feet or more of valuable floor space in a garage or closet. Tankless heaters can mount on a wall and are as small as 1 foot by 2 feet by 2 feet. 4 cubic feet and no floor space lost. Sometimes they can even be mounted outside and have no impact on floor space. With floor space costing hundreds of dollars per square foot, tankless heaters can get you thousands of dollars worth of additional floor space.

Water Supply

Most of us have had hot water run out using a legacy water heater. If someone in the house takes a long shower, the next person to use hot water is in for a rude surprise when the hot water comes out cold. With a tankless heater, this never happens. The heater heats water as quickly as it is used, so a shower could be run all day and not run out of hot water.


Tankless water heaters are preferable to legacy water heaters in numerous areas. It seems likely that they will replace legacy water heaters rapidly.

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