Ethernet Cable Price Stable


500 feet of Cat5E cable costs the same today as it did 5 years ago. This despite the massive increase in the cost of copper. This is good news for those seeking to wire their homes or businesses for high-speed data in a secure manner.


In May of 2003, 500 feet of solid PVC Cat5E wiring from Cables To Go cost $54.84. In April of 2008, nearly 5 years later, the same cable cost $57.24. This is a slight increase (about 4%), but in 2003 dollars this is equal or lower in cost.

This is particularly noteworthy since the cost of the copper at the heart of Cat5E cable has risen dramatically recently. Copper is now sow valuable that thieves are stealing it out of the ground in major cities to resell it for scrap. Either the margins for cable have dropped or the cost of copper is only a small portion of the cost of the cable so the price hasn't been affected.

Either way, this is good news. Wired networks (instead of wireless ones) are fast, stable, and secure. With a wired network it takes physical access to your network (or breaching a firewall, which is tough) to get into your network. It is good news for all who value the safety and speed of their networks that bulk high-speed cable remains inexpensive.

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