Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2006-7

I have recently been matching many PBS documentaries on Nature and Nova, which are now all broadcast in high definition (HD). (I've been watching these via my personal media network, incidentally.) What follows is a list of the best such documentaries for 2006-7, and a brief synopsis. Also see my recommendations for the top PBS documentaries of 2008.
  1. Nature: Land of the Falling Lakes. A Croatia park is splendid in all four seasons. Limestone formations and an ever changing landscape are a captivating backdrop to the saga of the wild animals of the park.
  2. Nova: Jewel of the Earth. Modern archaeological forensics are used to make amazing discoveries about the plants and animals captured in amber.
  3. Nature: Stalking the Big Cats. Expert cat chasers describe their successful quest to capture on film some of the rarest and most secretive large cats in the world. Advances in photographic technology and dogged [ahem] dedication make possible a record of these cats lives like never before seen.
  4. Nova: Great Escape. Part DIY-in-captivity, part archaeological dig, and part "Prison Break", this great episode covers the successful mass escape attempt of Allied airmen from a POW camp deep inside Germany during WWII. The ability of the airmen to escape using only tools they could assemble with leftover milk tins and their bed slats is inspirational. The desire to escape before their tunnels were detected is suspenseful. And the return of several of the POWs to the site as it is excavated is moving. An excellent Nova episode.

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