Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2013

I have recently been matching many PBS documentaries on Nature and Nova. (I've been watching these via my personal media network, incidentally.) What follows is a list of the best such documentaries for 2013, and a brief synopsis. Also see my recommendations for the top PBS documentaries of 2006-7, 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  1. Nova: Extreme Ice. Daring photographers and scientists explore huge chasms, holes, and lakes on glaciers from Alaska to Greenland to Antarctica. Daring and danger mix with serious science as the teams explore the rapid increase in the rate of glacial flow and calving. Stunning, otherworldly sights and vistas highlight the footage.
  2. Nature: Radioactive Wolves. Scientists examine the health and activity of wolves and other wildlife in the deserted zone around the abandoned Chernobyl reactor. Animals are thriving in a human-free zone, with minimal negative impact from the heightened radiation. Mother nature is reclaiming the landscape with buildings and equipment decaying, forming a unique backdrop to the extraordinary recovery of animal populations.

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