The Best TV of 2020

2020 had many excellent TV shows to enjoy:

The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian Season 2 followed its namesake through a full story arc of a quest to protect and find a home for the child. Along the way are epic adventures and new travel companions. We learn the name of the child. Some familiar names and faces make an appearance as well.

Normal People

Normal People follows the relationship between two Irish young adults through high school and beyond. Several Irish locations serve as a beautiful backdrop to the ups and downs of their lives. The long duration of the story sets this apart from many other shows.

Homeland Season 8

Homeland has always been a high-intensity, binge-able show. In the final season, the scheming, plotting, and skullduggery reach a dramatic conclusion as Carrie rebounds from her captivity. The writers and producers show just how to wrap up a drama like this. If only every show had a chance to tie up all of their loose ends.

Handmaid's Tale

This season sees more dramatic action as the resistance grows in strength and numbers. All action builds to a dramatic finale filled with risk and potential reward. Can June topple Gilead? What sacrifices are made in the process? I won't spoil any of these questions, watch the show to find out.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Here's an unexpected streaming surprise I hadn't heard about before it appeared in the "new" section of Netflix. Teenage Bounty Hunters is essentially true to its name, focusing on two sisters who somewhat accidentally fall into a bounty hunting career (or side hustle to high school, at least). They aren't at it alone, their naive youthful energy is balanced out by their crusty partner/mentor, which is one of the many enjoyable parts of the show. Between the adventures of the job and high school hijinks, there is plenty to like in this quick (10 episode) binge.

Killing Eve

The tension between the two leads keeps this show on edge. At first glance, it is about an intelligence officer (Eve) hunting down an international assassin. Eve is dedicated in her pursuit of the case, but at what point does dedication cross the line into obsession? And what if the hunter becomes the hunted? Three seasons are currently available.

Medical Police

Another show I found on a lark and ended up enjoying quite a bit. This medical/procedural/dramedy mashup has a high joke density. Not all land, but those that do are laugh-out-loud hilarious. The two leads are former medical "professionals" who are drafted to fight crime, and travel to numerous international locales to do so. Seemingly unqualified for both medicine and policework, they muddle through with lots of pithy commentary.

Space Force

This Steve Carell-led comedy has more hits than misses, though be ready with the 1.25x speed if you hit a slow point. Starting from the real-life creation of a new branch of the U.S. military, it follows the office politics and new projects undertaken by the agency. If you like Carell's brand of earnest but not-very-competent manager, this may be for you. It includes an interesting supporting performance from John Malkovich.
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