ScreenLogic 2 Vs. Autelis Pool Automation


If you must have a native app, or if you need easy remote access, then use the ScreenLogic 2 software. Otherwise, the Autelis interface wins hands-down on features, ease of use, and stability.


ScreenLogic 2 has native apps for Android and iOS. The native apps give slightly better feedback to inputs than the Autelis web app. And since it is the software from the manufacturer they will support it. It also allows remote access from the mobile apps. However, most setup can only be done from the desktop app, and it only runs on Windows and Max OS X. The Android app is also somewhat flaky. It doesn't follow Android interface conventions and is prone to forcibly quitting.

Autelis has a feature-rich web interface. It has two styles, a full browser interface and a mobile app-style interface. The full browser interface allows total configuration and control from any web browser, including naming circuits and setting up programs and e-mail alerts. Both interfaces work from any web browser. The app-style interface has oversize buttons and text to work easily on a small-screen mobile device.

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