The Passage: Review

The Passage is a long book. It is at least two books in one. Think The Stand and you've got a feeling on how many pages you have ahead of you.

The first portion of the book takes place in the near future. Evil government experiments go awry. (Do evil government experiments really ever go well?)

Then in book 2, I mean the second half of this novel, we see the post-apocalyptic aftermath through the eyes of people several decades in the future. They have their own social conventions, hierarchies, and backstories. The rest of the book is spent understanding them, seeing their fight to survive, and much more.

I actually set this book aside for a while partway through the second half, coming back to it weeks later to finish it. It is long and at times grueling, filled with loss and conflict. I am a fan of the dystopian genre, but even painful journeys like The Road have points of hope and are shorter.


  • Recommend? Yes, conditionally
  • Buy as a gift? Only for dedicated readers

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