for Layered Drawings

Layers in image editing software (like GIMP) make the editing process easier since you can work on separate parts or aspect of the image without impacting others. It helps when making changes, or when needing to produce alternate but related versions of an image.

Recently I discovered that the same feature exists for diagrams. The site lets you create layered diagrams, with similar tools like you'd find in a image editor. You can create layers, order them, place diagram objects in the layers, and hide/show layers as needed.

An example of where this came in handy was a project I was working on that had three variations on a diagram. The shared parts I placed in one layer, and I created three other layers for the parts that were unique to each of the three variations. I was able to toggle between the three variants by showing/hiding the layers. It was easy to export the three variants. And changes to the shared portion only needed to be made once.

Definitely try out for your next multi-layer diagram.

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