Never Let Me Go: Review

Never Let Me Go plays a delightful mind trick, a slow burn of a novel that starts off seemingly a YA novel about life and relationships at a boarding school. As it progresses, the reader (and to a lesser extent, the characters) realize that there are many unusual things going on. Finally, the life's purpose of the characters are revealed.

I feel this book is a remarkable work on many levels. The artistry of slowly revealing the true nature of the world is impressive. The novel instills empathy in the characters that make the revelations in the last act even more powerful. And even though it shares some elements with other sci-fi and dystopian works, the tone and worldview is terrifyingly neutral. In many other dystopian works everyone recognizes that the world is becoming evil, but here the descent to madness is largely normalized, which is actually even more terrifying.


  • Recommend? Yes
  • Buy as a gift? Yes

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