Believe is a Clone of Touch

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Timothy Kling and the Touch writers should feel very flattered indeed. The 2014 series Believe shares numerous plot elements and characters with the Kling-helmed series:
  • Child with supernatural powers
  • Child hunted by a large corporation that wants to use them for evil
  • Child's father is escorting him/her
  • The child detects other people in need using his/her powers and drags his/her father along to help, often unwittingly.
  • A mentor to the child is helping them evade the corporation
  • The mentor previously worked at the corporation
  • A motley crew of other folks are helping the mentor
The differences are not as substantial as they initially appear:
  • The child is a boy on Touch and a girl on Believe. No effect on the story.
  • On Touch, the boy was mute, while the girl on Believe talks. However, both are able to communicate with their fathers via different ways.
  • In Touch, the child had prescience, but on Believe the child also has telekinesis. This is going make for more dramatic scenes in Believe if the child masters her abilities. However, so far it hasn't allowed her to do much more than enable some escapes.
  • On Believe, the father has recently been reunited with his daughter and is unaware the child is his. On Touch, the father has never been separated from his son. It seems clear that the father/child pairs are close and will stay united on both shows.

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