The High House: Review

The High House is the sort of novel featuring steadily-increasing despair in a post-apocalyptic world. Like in How I Live Now, the strongest parental influence leaves early in the book, and is unable to return due to the apocalypse. (War in How I Live Now, climate change in this book.) Here, the parents predict and try to stave off climate change, while at the same time trying to create a sanctuary for their daughter to survive.

However, unlike war with usually limited duration, the climate change portrayed in this book, while gradual, is unstoppable and seemingly without end. The rising sea levels and increased storm ferocity cause major upheavals in society, of which we get brief glimpses. But even in the sanctuary inhabited by the daughter and a few other people, the great questions of life arise. Why are we here? What will our legacy be? Is life more than just surviving? There are some shared themes here with Into the Forest, but this is a much more despairing take on the theme.


  • Recommend? Yes
  • Buy as a gift? Yes, for someone who appreciates non-uplifting stories

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