y TRENDnet TV-IP312W Review: Excellent Night-Vision Camera

TRENDnet TV-IP312W Review: Excellent Night-Vision Camera

TRENDnet makes a wide range of networking products. I have had great results with most of their products I have tried. (The exception being a KVM switch, more on that another time.) The TV-IP312W night-vision IP camera is a stellar performer that I highly recommend.

Key features:

  • Night-Vision, including infrared illumination
  • Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
  • 640x480, color in daylight, grayscale at night
  • Full built-in webserver for standalone operation
  • Built in ethernet and wireless capability
This is a plug and play camera, simply plug in ethernet and power and you can start using it.

It works well as a security camera or as a baby monitor. The frame rate is quite good over a wired network. I haven't tried the wireless functionality.

I use it with Java software to watch the live image and watch the audio level on a PC and Roku PhotoBridge HD1000 via VNC.

I have technical details and software for the TV-IP312W available here.

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