New Compostable SunChips Bags: Unbearably Loud

The new SunChips bags are incredibly loud! Opening, closing, or even moving the new "compostable" bags unleashes an auditory torrent that will wake sleeping children, drown out conversation, and alert anyone in a 2 block radius that you are about to eat SunChips.

I appreciate that the SunChips manufacturer wants to make a bag that will break down faster than the previous bag. But didn't anyone from their marketing team try to use one of these bags at home before releasing them on an unsuspecting public? The miniscule fraction of people who actually compost their organic trash should surely be outweighed by the annoyance and loss of sales caused by this unberably loud packaging. I would think even people who compost wouldn't want to buy the new SunChips bags.

So to the SunChips executives, please reconsider the switch to the noisy compostable bags. Surely you are already seeing sales decline. Give us back the old, quiet, 1000-years-to-biodegrade bags. We will recycle a little more to make up for it, we promise.

Last modified on 12 Sep 2010 by AO

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