PhotoBridge Versus Popcorn Hour


The Roku PhotoBridge HD-1000 is a networked media player that can display pictures, music, and MPEG-2 video. The Network Media Tank Popcorn Hour A-110 is a networked media player that handles a wide range of formats.

After using both for an extended period, I can judge their relative strengths an weaknesses, described below.

Roku PhotoBridge HD-1000

Strengths: Good MPEG-2 transport stream handling. Fast forward and rewind work. DVD chapter navigation works. Snappy, responsive UI. Screen size adjustments in settings to avoid overscan.

Cons: No DVD menus. Multi-angle DVDs play back with stuttering. No longer sold new. Component HD output only.

Popcorn Hour A-110

Strengths: DVD menus work well. Multi-angle DVDs play back properly. Lots of additional media sources online. HDMI including audio.

Cons: Transport stream playback is buggy after fast forward. TS rewind doesn't work. Menu system is sluggish. Annoying nag screen for a long time while waiting for a DVD or video to start.


You probably should have both of these devices. The PhotoBridge is best for watching recorded HDTV and basic DVDs. For the full DVD experience, the Popcorn Hour is the clear winner.
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