Fixing a 1 FUS Error on a Richdel 446PR Irrigation Controller


Replacing an old 9V battery in a Richdel 446PR sprinkler controller can fix a variety of problems. Mine was not running or getting stuck. Now it is back to normal after replacing the long-expired battery with a fresh one.


Recently my Richdel 446PR irrigation controller started acting up. It was exhibiting the following problems:
  • Refusing to run the sprinklers, with a '1 FUS' message on the display. The manual suggests this indicates a short in zone 1, but that was misleading.
  • Zones stuck on. We had a zone get stuck on, but that hasn't happened since.
After disconnecting various zones to no avail, I looked at the battery. Its expiration date was 9 years ago! After replacing it, the controller is back to normal.
Last modified on 6 Aug 2014 by AO

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