Clean Air: Review

The novel Clean Air is based on an intriguing premise: of all the possible ways the earth could become inhospitable, plants start producing so much pollen that humanity has to retreat to completely sealed and continuously filtered homes and vehicles. This was a completely original premise to me

However, the character development felt strange to me. On the positive side, the story progressed at a good pace, driven by an attacker within the community and the plan to stop him. On the downside, much was driven by a relationship with a fortune teller.

In total, the downsides outweighed the positives for me. If you are seeking to round out your library of post-apocalyptic novels, this one definitely has a unique and intriguing premise. However the characters and development kept it out of the top tier for me.


  • Recommend? Only for completionists
  • Buy as a gift? No

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