Picking Oranges at Orcutt Ranch

One weekend a year, Orcutt Ranch opens its groves to orange pickers. The staff waits for the oranges to be ripe, so ripe hey are falling from the trees. Then they put up banners at the gates for the week prior. Be on the lookout in mid-summer for the signs advertising the pick coming the next weekend.

The Process

Upon entering, you park near the gate. The staff has orange pickers for rent, $1 each. You'll have to leave a license or ID as collateral for the picker. If you arrive early on the first day there may be plenty of low-hanging fruit and a picker may not be needed.

The Price (2010)

  • A grocery bag full of oranges: $2
  • A medium moving box: $5

The Deal

A full grocery bag is about 60 oranges. 10 oranges yields about 30 ounces of juice, so a full bag yields 180 ounces of juice.
Source Ounces of Juice Price Price per Ounce
Orcutt Ranch 180 $2 1.1 cents per ounce
Store 64 $2 3.1 cents per ounce

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