Extended Laptop Battery Makes All of the Difference


Adding an extended-life battery to your laptop will dramatically improve your user experience. I have added extended-life batteries to every laptop I have used, from a Compaq NC6000 to a Compaq Presario V5000/V5305. They let you work longer without being plugged in, usually 4-6 hours. Also, they extend the life of your battery by requiring fewer recharge cycles.

Longer Work Time

The standard batteries that come with many laptops these days only last an hour or two. This means you frequently have to be plugged in. Isn't the point of a laptop to be mobile? If you have to be plugged in often then you are tied to an electrical outlet and can't move freely.

With an extended-life battery I can get 5 hours out of my NC6000 and 6 hours out of my Presario V5305. This is active use with the display on, not just sitting around with the lid closed. These times are 2.5-3 times greater than the life with the standard battery.

What to look for

Find out how many Amp-hours your original battery can store. It's often printed on the battery. For my Presario V5305, the original battery was 4.4Ah. My replacement battery from, whom I can strongly recommend, stores 8.8Ah. AtBatt often has weekend specials, so visit the site often or sign up for their mailing list to get 10-15% off specials mailed to you.

Extended Battery Life

Batteries last a certain number of charge cycles. By buying an extended-life battery, not only can you use your laptop longer before charging it, but the battery will last longer too. That's because a battery that lasts 2 hours and will let you run the laptop 600 hours before needing replacement if it has a life of 300 recharge cycles. A similar battery with a 6-hour runtime will give you 1800 hours of laptop usage before needing replacement. If you look at it this way, the fact that the extended-life battery costs more is canceled out since you won't need to replace it as often. You'd have to buy 3 2-hour batteries during the life of your 6-hour battery. It is probably cheaper in the end to buy the 6-hour battery, and you don't have to pug in as often either!

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