HD DVD is Dead

HD DVD is dead. Well, HD DVD is obsolete now, at least. Sorry to everyone out there with an HD DVD player or an Xbox 360, you wasted a lot of money. If you still have your receipt you can try returning it and get your money back to buy a Blu-ray player or PlayStation 3 (with built-in Blu-ray capability).

Warner Brothers just announced that they will no longer make HD DVD discs, and only make Blu-ray discs. With all but one major studio already dedicated entirely to Blu-ray, soon it will be impossible to buy movies in any format other than Blu-ray. Without movies, nobody will buy the players. Soon nobody will manufacture the players. No discs and no players means the format is dead. Goodbye HD DVD!

Of course this is good for consumers anyhow since HD DVD was the inferior technology of the two. Let's list some of the HD DVD problems:

  • Lower capacity than Blu-ray
  • No good content creation technology (by contrast, Blu-ray includes Java, the world's most widely used language)
  • Added confusion to the marketplace, solved by having just one HD format, Blu-ray
So long HD DVD, you won't be missed.

Last modified on 8 Mar 2009 by AO

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