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RumorMonger 1.00 has recently been certified 100% Pure Java!

RumorMonger is a Java application that allows people to share rumors over the Internet. It was created by Andrew Oliver and Adam Wells. Left unattended, it will gossip with other RumorMongers that it finds. The user can choose to be alerted as new rumors arrive. New rumors entered by the user will propagate throughout the RumorMonger network.

RumorMonger has many features, including:

Demos and Screen Shots for the New Release!

You can try a demo applet version or view a screen shot from version 1.00 of RumorMonger.

Downloading RumorMonger

Generic instructions for any Java platform

To run RumorMonger, you first need to download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Next, download RumorMonger from this site.

Running RumorMonger

Java Runtime Environment Instructions

Once the JRE has been uncompressed and installed, and RumorMonger has been uncompressed, run RumorMonger using the 'jrew' application in the JRE. On many systems, you would type:
jrew -cp <rm-path>/classes com.ao.rm.RumorMonger <machine name> <port>
For example, if you installed RumorMonger in the /rm directory, and were starting on the machine 'generic.name.com', and you wish it to run on port 5500, you would type:
jrew -cp /rm/classes com.ao.rm.RumorMonger generic.name.com 5500

Java Development Kit Environment Instructions

Users of the Java Development Kit (JDK) can alternately choose to use the java application. The command line in this case would be:
java -classpath $CLASSPATH;/rm/classes com.ao.rm.RumorMonger generic.name.com 5500

Using RumorMonger

Once you have RumorMonger running, read the usage instructions for information on how to read and create rumors that will be transmitted around the world!

Special Thanks

Thanks to Harry R. Chesley, whose work on distributed peer-to-peer messaging on the Macintosh served as inspiration for RumorMonger.

Your Feedback Is Welcome

If you have tried RumorMonger and have an idea or suggestion, you can contact me at "support" at frequal dot com.
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Last modified on 12 Jan 2003 by AO

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