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Frontend Java Development in 2024

It's Never Been Easier

Now in 2024 there are new resources and tools to make powerful frontends in Java. As a frontend developer, you want to make browser-based applications that launch quickly, react instantly, and are secure. You also want to use your favorite IDE, benefiting from the strong Java type system.

The Flavour framework provides all this and more. Flavour is a batteries-included framework for coding, packaging, and optimizing single-page apps implemented in Java. It supports everything you need in a modern web app, including:

Now, In Book Form

Now there is a book about Flavor that gives all the details. It has chapters including: Read The Book Here

For New Frontend Developers

Using Flavour brings together two of the top development technologies of the past 25 years:

For Expert Java Developers

If you've used Java for a long time, you'll appreciate the ability to run your Java code in the browser. Using Flavor, you can code using all your favorite syntax and classes (Lists, Strings, etc.). Your code runs in the browser so it can react instantly to user input. Need to validate a string? Write Java to check it the moment the value changes. Need to switch to a different page? Implement the logic to route to a different page instantly client-side using type-safe interfaces and implementations.

It's Easy To Get Started

Whether you use these quick-start instructions, or you read the Getting Started chapter of The Flavour Book, it's quick and easy to get started making the next great web app with Flavour.


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