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SongInfo: A Song Information Screen Saver

Compatible with the Roku PhotoBridge HD

[ Download SongInfo 0.3 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.34+ firmware] [Download SongInfo 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.33 firmware] [Download SongInfo 0.1 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.7-2.0.10 firmware]

Version 0.3 released for the 2.0.34+ Firmware! Download it here...


SongInfo is a free screen saver for the PhotoBridge that shows information on the currently-playing song. The information includes:
  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Time elapsed in track (and total time if using Sonica)
When the music player is not running the current date and time are displayed.

The information is shown as white-on-black text that slides up and down the screen to prevent burn-in.


To install, copy into a folder called "ScreenSavers" in the root of a share shown on the left. At least in the 2.0.10-2.0.34 firmware, a CompactFlash share works but not an SMB share.

Next, go to the Setup/Screen Saver screen and pick it from the list. Set the screen saver delay to something low (15 seconds) to try it out. Start the Listen application playing a song, then wait for the screen saver to kick in.

[ Download SongInfo 0.3 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.34+ firmware] [Download SongInfo 0.2 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.33 firmware] [Download SongInfo 0.1 for the Roku PhotoBridge 2.0.7-2.0.10 firmware] [More PhotoBridge Software And Info]

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