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Make the Most of your Roku PhotoBridge HD

Below are some of the most interesting and useful applications for the PhotoBridge HD1000 and HD1500. I also have a full list of all PhotoBridge applications. You can also read about setting up a PhotoBridge-based home theater/media network. If your PhotoBridge power supply has died, you may be interested in instructions on replacing it yourself. If you have several dead PhotoBridges, you may be able to assemble a new one from the working parts.

LiveSpy: View Webcams on your PhotoBridge HD

While LiveSpy is running, your screen is regularly updated with images from an internet camera of your choosing. You can watch the sun rise on the other side of the world at the end of the day, or see what is happening at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Watch what transpires at a single location, or have LiveSpy automatically rotate between all of the cameras in its list. Learn More

VncSix: A VNC Viewer

VncSix is a high-definition VNC Viewer for the PhotoBridge. Use a web browser or any other application from your PC on your PhotoBridge remotely. Learn More

Roku PhotoBridge Programming: Patterns and Pitfalls

This is a partial draft of a book about developing and modding the PhotoBridge HD1000/1500.

SongInfo: A Song Information Screen Saver

SongInfo is a screen saver hat shows information about the currently-playing song. Learn More

RemoteSim: A Console Remote Control Simulator

RemoteSim is a command-line tool for the PhotoBridge that lets you type in commands that simulate button presses on the remote. You're logged in already, why not save your remote control batteries?. Learn More

CinemaSix: Play or Stream HDTV, DVDs, or other MPEG2 Video

CinemaSix allows you to play recorded HDTV shows, DVD backups, or other MPEG2 video on your PhotoBridge. I am an active contributor to CinemaSix and an administrator on the CinemaSix SourceForge project. Learn More

Fast PhotoBridge Builds with Distcc

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