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LiveSpy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I just want to watch one camera, but LiveSpy keeps showing a different camera. How do I stop it from changing cameras?

Right-click on the LiveSpy icon in the task bar. Pick 'Options' in the pop-up menu. Click on the 'Options' tab in the dialog that appears. Uncheck the checkbox labeled 'Change Camera With Each Update' and click 'OK'.

How can I get rid of the LiveSpy window but leave LiveSpy running?

On Linux and Windows, click the close icon on the window. LiveSpy will still be running and the LiveSpy icon will still be in the system tray. You can still access all of the LiveSpy features by right-clicking on the LiveSpy icon.

Your listing for my webcam is incorrect. How can I have it fixed?

Send me mail at the address "support at frequal dot com". Give me the name of your camera, and the corrected listing, including name, camera URL, homepage URL, and longitude. I will fix your listing in the next release of LiveSpy.

I turned off "Save Downloaded Images", but LiveSpy is still keeping sixteen images on my hard drive. Why?

LiveSpy maintains images this way to allow changing the number of tiled cameras shown. LiveSpy has to maintain as many image files as there are tiled cameras currently shown. However, the user can change the number of tiled cameras shown. If the user changes from 16 to 1, I could have had the program delete all but one camera. However, if the user soon returned to 16 tiled cameras, there would be fifteen blank spots where the deleted cameras used to be shown. So I decided to always keep enough images around to always be able to provide a complete image for the maximum number of tiled images.

Where is the LiveSpy 1.00-1.90 FAQ?

The FAQ for older versions of LiveSpy (less than 2.0) is here.

I I have a question not listed here. How do I find an answer?

You may email your questions to "support at frequal dot com".
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