Crest Whitestrip LED Hack

The last time I posted about the Crest Whitestrip LED, I found you can open it up and replace the batteries, which makes it start working again. Since then I've verified that this works with off-the shelf boxes of whitestrips. Reuse your LED light, reduce electronics landfill waste, and save money!

The Details

For opening up your LED light, refer to my original article. Once you've carefully opened it and replaced the batteries, you can use it with regular white strips, no need to buy an LED light again.

One thing I wondered was if water would get inside the LED light when rinsing it. I carefully rinsed off the light, keeping water away from the opened seal as much as possible, while keeping the body closed tightly. It seems to work well. Each time, after drying the light with a paper towel, opening the case showed no water inside. Success!

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