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TeaVM Patterns and Pitfalls

TeaVM is an incredible tool for building web applications in Pure Java. It has easy-to-use maven templates to get you started quickly. And performance, both compile-time and runtime, is outstanding.

Getting Started

Some great places to start:

Tea Sampler

Discover the many features of TeaVM and Flavour with an interactive demo. You can see the code for each feature to learn how to do it yourself! Launch Tea Sampler


If you are migrating from another Java GUI toolkit, take a look at this migration guide.


If you want some fun project starters and examples, check out the TeaVM Cookbook


Patterns and Pitfalls

NetBeans Plugin

The TeaVM for NetBeans plugin is here: Download TeaVM for NetBeans Plugin

Key Features:

Additional Libraries

TeaVM-Based Sites

Curious who is using TeaVM? See a full list of sites and projects using TeaVM

Conference Presentation by the Author

Presentation at a conference in 2019 by TeaVM's Author (automated translation by Google)
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