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- Best of Java 2019
- Full Stack Java
- Code One 2019 Summary
- Best of Java 2018
- ScraM: Drag and Drop Coding for Minecraft Mods and Minigames
- How to Make a Backwards-Compatible ext4 USB Thumb Drive
- Gypsy -- The Best TV Show of 2017
- Runners-Up For Best TV Show of 2017
- Best of Java 2017
- How to Delete/Move Files from a Stream
- Reflections Subtype Lookup with OneJar
- San Junipero -- The Best TV Episode of 2016
- Timer Won't Restart When Reshowing a Form -- How to Fix
- Compile Tests Without Running Them in Maven
- Minecraft Tips and Tricks
- Fix 100% System CPU Usage
- Microsoft Pays $2.5 Billion for a Java App
- Dissolving Pool Cyanuric Acid Using A Sock
- Xubuntu 14.04 with RAID
- Fixing a 1 FUS Error on a Richdel 446PR Irrigation Controller
- Droid 1 Versus Droid 3
- Debugging Tomcat CPU Hogs
- Setting up HDMI Audio on a Raspberry Pi
- Setting up a Raspberry Pi for US Usage
- Java Roman Numerals Library
- Recovering From a RAID Disk Failure
- Education Resources and Worksheets
- Check WAR File Name To Avoid 404 Errors

- CommuteTrack: Track and optimize your commute using your Android handset.
- LiveSpy is an award-winning application which will periodically update your desktop wallpaper from live internet cameras.
- SiteGenesis is a web site management tool for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
- CamViewer shows live video with transparent audio level overlay from a TV-IP312W internet camera/webcam. Details here.
- JTrain is a wooden train track layout application. Layout your parts, produce an official-looking layout diagram, or let JTrain automatically create a new layout from your existing part list.
- MultiWar is a user-configurable multiplayer wargame.
- LiveSpy for the Roku PhotoBridge is a version of LiveSpy compatible with the Roku PhotoBridge.
- SongInfo for the Roku PhotoBridge is a screen saver that shows information about the currently-playing song.
- Image Refiner is a digital photo and bitmap editor.
- TalkSmall is a multiplatform Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

GNU/Linux on the Roku PhotoBridge

- Replacing a PhotoBridge Power Suppply
- Software and Tips for the Roku PhotoBridge
- LiveSpy for the Roku PhotoBridge
- VncSix for the Roku PhotoBridge
- Using a PhotoBridge as a Thin Client

GNU/Linux on the iPaq 3765

- Installing Java on iPaq
- Missing Applications

[all iPaq GNU/Linux articles]

Fedora Core 14 GNU/Linux with an AMD Phenom II X6

- Updating FC14 to fix kernel panics with an AMD Phenom II X6

Fedora Core 2 GNU/Linux on an Asus A7N8X-E Motherboard

- Wake-on-LAN Problems

GNU/Linux on Laptops

- Configuring GNU/Linux on the Toshiba L75-C7250
- Configuring GNU/Linux on the Gateway NV55S17u
- Xubuntu 13.04 Gateway Suspend Fix
- GNU/Linux on the HP EliteBook 8770w
- Fixing a Brother Printer under Fedora
- Configuring XTerm to Default to Meta Sends Escape
- Using USB Hard Drive Enclosures with Linux
- Using a USB/Ethernet Adapter with the XO Laptop
- Awaiting the XO Laptop from OLPC
- Configuring GNU/Linux on the Compaq Presario V5305WM (The 2006 $398 Wal-Mart laptop)
- Configuring GNU/Linux on the HP Compaq NC6000

Personal Media Networks

- Personal Media Network Overview
- pchdtvr -- record digital television on your PC
- Standard Definition Video Distribution and Control
- Measure Your Network's Performance with Netperf
- Top Components for a Personal Media Network
- Processing Digital Television (ATSC)


- Full Stack Java
- High Quality Swing Icons -- Free!
- Debugging Tomcat CPU Hogs
- Uninstall the Debug APK Before Trying the Release APK
- Fixing JOptionPane Focus Issues
- Debugging Null Pointer Exceptions
- Prevent Child Process from Locking Up by Reading Its Output
- The Parallel List Pitfall
- Swing Is Best for Oracle
- How To Enable Warnings in Maven
- Prevent Unexpected ImageIO Disk Writes
- Comparing Java Enums (Enumerations)
- EasyMock Tests Are Usually Overspecified
- Trendnet TV-IP312W Info and Utilities
- Online Stack Trace Tool for Java
- Sign All Applet JAR files
- Expand and Collapse JSplitPane with One Touch
- Debugging Swing Event Dispatch Thread Violations
- JTree Space and Rendering Bugs
- TRENDnet TV-IP312W Review: Excellent Night-Vision Camera
- Ethernet Cable Price Stable
- First Look at Running a Java App on the OLPC XO Laptop
- Artistic Style Code Reformatter Works Well
- Prevent Remote Firefox Reuse
- Helpful Stack Trace for Java Debugging
- Create ObjectOutputStream Before ObjectInputStream
- Help the XML parser find a DTD within a JAR File
- RMI System Design: Patterns and Pitfalls. Presentation Slides, Summary and References
- XSLT: Using a Variable in an XPath Attribute Specification

[all Java documents]

Open Source

- JBook lets users retrieve, read, and bookmark electronic texts, primarily from Project Gutenberg. I am the lead developer.
- CinemaSix is a high-definition video player for MPEG2 video from over-the-air HDTV, DVDs, and streaming sources like VLC. I am an administrator and active contributor.
- icewm patches for alt-Tab switching and improved key handling
- JMoney patch for account entry date persistence


- Microsoft Pays $2.5 Billion for a Java App [Sep 2014]
- Fixing a 1 FUS Error on a Richdel 446PR Irrigation Controller [Aug 2014]
- Believe is a Clone of Touch [April 2014]
- ScreenLogic 2 Vs. Autelis Pool Automation [November 2013]
- Bullseye BBQ Sauce Switches To High Fructose Corn Syrup [June 2013]
- New Compostable SunChips Bags: Unbearably Loud [September 2010]
- Subway "Free Cookie" Survey Codes [April 2011]
- The Long, Torturous Purolator Route [April 2011]
- Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2013 [August 2013]
- Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2010 [July 2010]
- Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2009 [January 2010]
- Picking Oranges at Orcutt Ranch [July 2010]
- Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2008 [February 2008]
- Fixing Hostname Resolution for Non-Root Users [September 2009]
- PhotoBridge Versus Popcorn Hour [December 2009]
- Trader Joe's Uniquely Good Items [June 2009]
- The Great Laptop Screen Size Scam [June 2009]
- Make an Animated GIF Screen Recording [July 2008]
- Emacs Tip #5 -- Resolving Merge Conflicts [April 2010]
- Emacs Tip #4 -- Easy Region (Selection) Highlighting [April 2009]
- Emacs Tip #3 -- Flyspell Auto Correct Word [May 2008]
- Emacs Tip #2 -- htmlize [January 2008]
- Emacs Tip #1 -- make-frame-on-display [January 2008]
- Top PBS HD Documentaries of 2007 [October 2007]
- HD DVD is Dead [January 2008]
- Artistic Style Code Reformatter Works Well [September 2007]
- Extended Laptop Battery Makes All of the Difference [August 2007]
- Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Better [August 2007]
- RAM Failure: Symptoms and Diagnosis [July 2007]
- Forum Pseudo Markup Considered Harmful [July 2007]
- Marble Slab vs. Cold Stone: Who Was First? [July 2007]
- Hotmail Drops James E-Mail [May 2007]
- DRM Worsens Battery Life [April 2006]
- Mono Validates Swing Architecture [May 2005]
- Digital Signature Risks [December 2004]
- Programmers Prefer Open-Source Portability [October 2003]
- Reasons to prefer Java over C++ [June 2003]
- Bad Intra-Page Link Handling in Browsers [January 2003]
- Choose Your Root [October 1999]

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- RumorMonger is a free, easy-to-use peer-to-peer Java application that allows people to share rumors over the Internet. Certified 100% Pure Java!

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