Linux on the iPaq 3765

Linux on the iPaq 3765

This page describes my experiences and projects involving Linux on the Compaq iPaq 3765 handheld computer.
  • Installing Java on iPaq

  • Installation: Step-by-step details of installing Linux on an iPaq 3765 from another Linux system

  • Tasks: A To-Do List App modified from Toad by James Weatherall

  • Missing Applications: A list of small applications missing from the default Familiar install that I find indispensable.

  • Reviews: My impressions of a few applications for Linux targeted at the Familiar Linux distribution on the iPaq.
    • VNC: Remote access to iPaq applications
    • Storm: A colorful multi-featured PIM
    • xstroke: Elegant but lockup-prone handwriting entry and recognition
    • xkbd: Reliable onscreen keyboard with several minor annoyances

  • Features of Pocket PC 2002: Notes on the features of the applications in Pocket PC 2002 in order to improve the Linux PIM apps.

  • Boot Log: Serial port messages during system boot

  • Battery Life: Some measurements of battery life

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